Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ray Comfort thinks he's a bad man

Well, sorta. But only according to his rather astoundingly-high standards one must meet to be considered a "good" man, apparently. Here's what he replied to something he was sent from a commenter who said that Comfort "probably" wasn't a "horrible useless little sinful piece of garbage":

It shows that you think that you could be wrong about me being a good man. And, you are. Big time. I’m not a good man, and I am "all that bad." A "good" man loves the God who gave him life--with all of his heart, mind, soul, and strength. He also loves every other human being as much as he loves himself. A good man never lusts after women, or has a selfish or unclean thought sexual though. He is perfect, in thought, word, and in deed.

I'd like to know where God ever said how he defined what being a "good" person meant. I doubt even God would send you to Hell if you failed to meet all that impossible criteria. I'm probably guilty of more sins than I'm even aware of, but I doubt that makes me a "bad" person.

Contrasting with God's surprisingly elitist views on goodness, my views on what makes someone a good person or not are really quite simple: they must intend to cause, and end up causing, more good in the world than bad. Someone who just wants to be happy and others to be happy with them, and who spends their time trying to make the world around them a better place, if only a tiny little piece of it – no-one can call them "bad" for it. Everyone will do bad, mean or hurtful things every now and then. It's called "being human". But as long as you try to spread more good around than negativity, then no matter what you do, you're a good person in my book, end of story.

No doubt this will make you angry, annoyed, flabbergasted and very concerned about my mental health. This is because you don’t understand God’s terrible justice, neither do you understand His amazing mercy. You and I may be a "sinful piece of garbage," but it is on that garbage that God set His love, and suffered and died to cleanse us of our filth.

Don't worry, no-one's been concerned with Ray's mental health for quite a few years now, ever since he's been formally diagnosed with terminal stupidity. But even then, I wouldn't go so far as to call him a "sinful piece of garbage". For all his faults (and stupidity), he's not a bad man, or an evil man. Just annoyingly dumb and ignorant. Bad things to be, perhaps, but rather low down the list overall.


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