Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Somewhere, Bush, Cheney & co. are smiling

In yet another move that keeps the Obama administration that much closer to the very administration they vowed to distance themselves from, the General Counsel for the Department of Defense said they won't rule out detaining ex-terrorism suspects even after they'd been officially acquitted.

Defense Department General Counsel Jeh Johnson moved the Obama administration into new territory from a civil liberties perspective. Asked by Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) the politically difficult but entirely fair question about whether terrorism detainees acquitted in courts could be released in the United States, Johnson said that “as a matter of legal authority,” the administration’s powers to detain someone under the law of war don’t expire for a detainee after he’s acquitted in court. “If you have authority under the law of war to detain someone” under the Supreme Court’s Hamdi ruling, “that is true irrespective of what happens on the prosecution side.”

Right. Who cares if the guy has nothing to do with terrorism after all? Just keep 'im locked away anyway, not like he'll be missed.

How many more lies, backtracking and broken promises are we gonna see from the Obama administration? While compared to Bush and his cronies they still look like angels, but that's just because Bush & co. were so utterly pathetic. Seriously, Obama can, and should, do much better. Endlessly dragging his feet on the reversal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", his pussyfooting around gay rights and gay marriage issues, his continued latching-onto the States Secrets bullshit, and a long "etc." show he's going down a road we all prayed was the one we were specifically gonna distance ourselves from.


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