Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Stupid Ironic Quote of the Day Year

I've just commented on how the managing director of WingNutDaily said something totally and laughably ironic, and then I come across Ray Comfort's blog. Oh, dear God. Hint: his topic is regarding sanity, and the answers you give to the following questions he cites determine whether you're sane or not. Indeed, they do – just not in the way he expects.

What’s the basis for your assumption that you are the one who is sane and that your grandmother is not? Here are a few test questions: [1]Do you believe that there is a creation without a Creator? [2]Do you believe a woman has the right to kill her child in the womb? [3]Should homosexuals have the right to marry each other? [4]What is the purpose of your existence (other than to find happiness while you are here)? [5]What is your definition of a sane person? [6]How do you know your definition is the correct one? [7]Does your grandmother think that she is a primate? [8]Do you think she is? [9]Do you believe Richard Dawkins is correct when he says that we are all primates? [10]If there was one chance in a million that God exists, and He is offering you everlasting life, would you take the time to look into it?

Let's see: [1]No, [2]Yes, [3]Yes, [4]None, [5]Someone free from mental disorders, [6]Because it's in every dictionary, [7]N/A, [8]Yes, [9]Yes, [10]No.


Sadly, all this proves, knowing which are the answers Comfort is looking for, is his own insanity.


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