Saturday, February 14, 2009

Great, more Global Warming bad news

Recently I mentioned how oceanic water levels were rising faster and higher than previously predicted (over 20 feet). Now, a recent report concludes that atmospheric gases that cause Global Warming in the first place are climbing faster than expected. Great news, I'm sure.

Carbon emissions have been growing at 3.5 percent per year since 2000, up sharply from the 0.9 percent per year in the 1990s, Christopher Field of the Carnegie Institution for Science told the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

I suppose the increasing number of polluting humans on the planet may be a contributing factor here, but hey, I'm no scientist ...

Face it, Biofuels are a bad joke. They cause more damage than they alleviate by burning down the very forests that are actually cleaning the air in order to plant the fields from which crops will be harvested to make those very Biofuels. It's a wretched circle. As Holly Gibbs of Stanford University said, 'In some cases simply allowing the degraded land to return to forest might be the best answer'.

Electric, hydrogen-powered and hybrid cars aren't much of a help either – not as long as the electricity used to make those cars come from coal-burning power plants, which as expected keep getting larger and more numerous as populations (in particular American populations) grow and expand.

The 'Go Green' fad is just that – a fad. It's ineffective and isn't doing much of anything. For every few good people who recycle, compost and use hybrid cars, a new ceramics company opens somewhere in Mexico that outdoes them all in a single hour's time. This is futile until the entire friggin' planet puts its foot down – and Lord knows how likely that is to happening before we're all choking to death on our own car fumes. (Or being whisked away into Space in large spaceships while an army of little robots are left behind to clean up after us ... but whatever.)


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