Saturday, February 14, 2009

Men have feelings too, ladies!

It's true: a doctor said it!

Question: What are the biggest mistakes women make in understanding what men need to feel loved?

Answer: I think the thing women don't understand about men is that no matter how unemotional-seeming a man is, he actually is very emotional. Men are trained not to act emotional, and they're not even trained how to express themselves emotionally. But even the most unexpressive man actually has a lot of feelings and he needs support and tenderness. And, in fact, even though women don't want this to be true, it is the case that men who are married take a lot of pleasure and get a lot of self-esteem from whether they're wanted sexually by their wives, and also, from whether they are able to give their wives and receive a lot of really good sexual pleasure.

What? Men are emotional? Damn her, she's ruining our macho insensitive cover! I call upon you, the Global Alliance of Macho Insensitive Bastard Men, to get her!


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