Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another commencement ...

And so here I go again, yet another attempt at a functional website/blog/online shoutbox or whatever you elect to call this random assembly of HTML tags and text.

This blog has a sort of dual purpose: it's here so I have somewhere to spill my random bile, sputum and/or other miscellaneous ravings about anything and everything that crosses my mind, and to showcase any and all reviews I write up (primarily about movies, though other categories may (or may not) pop up sooner or later). I'm an opinionated bastard, and I now wanna spread said bastardly opinions across the world. :D

I tried opening a blog a while back – this very same blog, in fact – but I was disappointed at the lack of any interest showed by any visitors (or lack of them) that happened through this blog, so I shut it down and moved on. Well, I'm always full of burning opinions and rants I just can't help but wanna throw out there, so this time it's less for any readers out there who are bored or geeky enough to visit this and patient through my ramblings, and more for myself – a sort of virtual journal, an archive of my thoughts and feelings through times, if you will.

Another problem I have (which apparently is already manifesting itself) is my apparent inability to keep anything short and/or concise, so while usually I would've launched into a full-scale autobiography of myself and the color of my hair and toenails, I'll just let any of you reader(s) decide who and/or what I am for yourself(es) as you read. So for now, I leave you this preliminary post until I get the chance to write about anything else.

And so, g'day to y'all. :)


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