Thursday, March 12, 2009

And *another* bitchslap to Bush from Obama: ecological policies to be rescinded?

Bush certainly went into a flurry of excitement, signing bill after stupid morally-corrupt bill in his last moments in the Oval Office, and one of his last-minute policies was a change that basically removed protections towards endangered animals and organisms, namely the Polar Bear.

Well, now President Obama has the chance to quickly rescind these stupid policies with the flick of a pen in his recent budgetary spending bill.

President Obama has just signed a $410 billion omnibus spending bill that included several riders giving him unambiguous authority to rescind the midnight rulemaking by ex-President Bush that gutted the Endangered Species Act.

Obama may now, with the stroke of a pen, rescind the Bush Administration’s last-minute rules that:

— forcibly removed global warming from the list of extinction threats to the polar bear (despite scientific opinion that global warming is the bear’s chief extinction threat)

— allowed oil and gas drilling in polar bear habitats

— eliminated the need to consult with wildlife and marine scientists when allowing mining, building, logging and other destructive projects that might increase extinction threats to endangered species.

Sacrificing animal life and ecological concerns for more oil ... Dear God, could Bush be anymore of a caricature of himself and Republicans in general?

Time to get movin', Obama! :P


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