Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Bush bitchslapping from Obama: lowering restrictions towards Cuba

President Obama is the gift that keeps on giving, though it isn't exactly hard to just say 'no' to the myriad of braindead-stupid Bush policies spewed everywhere like half-digested bile from a retarded, vociferous harpy. One of the biggest stains on the US's record for a long time has undoubtedly been the US embargo on Cuba, a long-outdated relic of a 'crisis' we had three decades ago and that should have been ended a very long time ago.

Naturally, with that junkheaded-twit Bush in office, he further increased restrictions towards Cuba (what, 50s' cars and Appolo 13-era computers aren't pathetic enough?), just to make Cubans' life a little more difficult, so now President Obama has included a section in his new $410 billion budget that allowed for slightly better traveling and trading relations towards Cuba. A small step, but it's a start.

(CNN) -- The $410 billion budget President Obama signed Wednesday will make it easier for U.S. residents to travel to Cuba and to send money to family members on the island. It also could facilitate the sale of agricultural and pharmaceutical products to Cuba.

Three provisions attached to the omnibus spending bill loosened restrictions enacted by then-President George W. Bush after he came to office in 2001.

[Included: a picture of bicycle taxis, the primary method of transportation in Havana, Cuba.]

Much of the aforementioned article is deep in politics, which I neither know or am interested in all that much, but I can only hope that Obama will finally remove the stupid and pointlessly oppressive embargo against Cuba once and for all.


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