Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another obtuse Republican dimwit goin' against Obama on Stem Cell Research

You know, I thought the 'states' bit in the United States of America were, well, united. As in, all bound by clear and immovable federal laws that could only be modified or added/removed on a federal level. I didn't know individual states had the right to go against explicit federal laws – such as what Oklahoma "land-o'-der-retards" Republican state representative Mike Reynolds is doing right now, trying to push through a bill that would criminalize Stem Cell Research in the state. These sorts of stories about self-serving asshat officials going against direct laws from the President himself make my blood boil.

"I absolutely believe that if the federal government messes things up, states have a right to straighten it out," Reynolds said in a telephone interview.

To put it as I hear myself imagine it: who the fuck does this moron think he is? Isn't it sorta illegal to go directly and explicitly against the Commander-in-freakin'-Chief? NO, it is not the states' business. The states' business is to fuckin' obey federal laws and policies, whether they like it or not. If a state official doesn't like, he can suck it.

Reynolds said his bill will need some rewording before it passes through the Oklahoma state senate. "My motivation is to protect unborn children," he said.

No, it is not. Your motivation is the basis taken from your ever-corrupt and outdated conservative values taken from the pages of a shit-strewn 2,000-year-old book like all Republicans of your kind's motivations are. You could not care less for the 'unborn children', for embryos, which is all Stem Cell Research uses, are not unborn children. They are BALLS OF CELLS. Nothing more.

Relatedly, this stupidity:

While most embryonic stem cell lines are now made from unused embryos from fertility clinics, there are some fears the NIH may allow or even encourage the use of cloning technology to make embryos as a source of cells.

This is a ridiculous 'fear', not the least because Obama has explicitly forbidden human cloning in all its forms. Just like Christian creationists (which undoubtedly most of them are anyway) – pulling lies out of their asses and distorting facts to push their pathetic and illogical points across.

I am myself a strong opponent of human cloning, or any sentient animal's cloning, actually. I do not think we have sufficient mastery of this technology – not by a horrendously long shot (what's the success rate already – 1 in 12,000 or something?) – to allow the replication of humans, or other creatures that can feel and think for themselves and are able to suffer when we inevitably eventually screw something up.


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