Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sorcery is bad – become a Christian instead

Such were the words of Pope Benedict in Angola as tens of thousands of Catholics lined the streets in Luanda, capital and largest city of the country. Caution: idiocy inside.

"In today's Angola," he said at Mass in Luanda, "Catholics should offer the message of Christ to the many who live in the fear of spirits, of evil powers by whom they feel threatened."

... What? So he wants to convert those who are said to practice sorcery into Christians, followers of a cult that's governed by their fear of God and Hell? Very clever. Sorta.

Well, not really.

In Africa, some churchgoing Catholics also follow traditional animist religions and consult medicine men and diviners who are denounced by the church. People accused of sorcery or of being possessed by evil powers sometimes are killed by fearful mobs.

From one retarded mindset into another ... Fits, I suppose.


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