Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Too Fat to Work: British tubbies complaining that annual $30,000+ disability benefits aren't enough

First off, let me get something straight. Generally, I have nothing against fat people – no more do I have anything against thin people, sort or tall, Black or White, brown eyes or purple eyes. I don't consider them to be exactly healthy, but I don't diss them, either – that's just stupid.

But fatties who are fat, whether it's their fault or not, who then have the nerve to bitch about being mistreated about being fat when they're unemployed and relying on their overlarge bellies to carry them through their lives on 'pity', I have absolutely no sympathy for: fat bags of shit. I hate when people use faulty excuses to leech off public systems, giving everyone and everything a bad name.

And so, here is another example: the British Chawner family, with a combined weight of over 1,160 lbs, are whining that the $30,000 they receive every year in Disability benefits because they are supposedly 'too fat to work', now say they deserve more money. Pathetic.

“What we get barely covers the bills and puts food on the table,” Philip Chawner, 53, told the newspaper. “It’s not our fault we can’t work. We deserve more.”

You want more money? GET A JOB you fat fuck. There is NO REASON you cannot get a job, as it's impossible to literally be 'too fat to work'. With an ever-increasing number of well-paying stay-at-home jobs in virtually all sectors of the working market, you have nothing to complain about so shut your overlarge hole, stop sucking at the system's tit and find yourself an employer who will make you EARN the money you need.

I may be on the overweight side myself (just 20% extra though, so I don't even classify as 'obese', thankfully) and be lazy as hell most of the time, but I, along with anyone else, realize you do not get anything in this world without working for it. Do not ask, or expect, of people to get down on their knees to your biddings; you will be mocked and derided – kinda like in this post. If you want something, either work for it, or shut the fuck up and do without. Lazy bastards.

Sorry for the bile, but morons like these make my head spin.


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