Thursday, March 26, 2009

You think YOUR life sucks right now?

I don't think anyone'd be willing to exchange places with this guy ...

A 25-year-old singer, who estimates that he’s hiccuped almost 10 million times in the last 15 months, may finally be cured.

Christopher Sands had surgery Wednesday to repair a damaged stomach valve. Doctors at Queen Medical Center in England, where the surgery was performed, said the damaged valve was causing a condition leading to heartburn and chronic hiccups, the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

Sands has tried everything since 2007 to cure his nonstop hiccups, from eating honey while upside down to sitting in a compression chamber.

"I'm pinning all my hopes on this operation,” Sands told the Telegraph. “I want my life back.”

Hmm ... Reminds me of this somehow ...

(Sorry ... couldn't resist.)


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