Thursday, March 26, 2009

Remind me why religiots are not biologists?

A little while ago, there was a surprising and exciting discovery in Lebanon: cephalopods from the Cretaceous! These 95 million-years-old fossils are exquisitely detailed and offer tons of data and information about ancient cephalopods, as chronicled here on Pharyngula. (Dr. Myers must've had an orgasm, being the squiddie fanatic he is. :P)

95 million-years-old octopus fossils discovered in Lebanon

There is much to read about the fossils themselves, which of course if highly interesting to paleontological biologists, but that's not the point of this post. In his entry, Dr. Myers also predicted, drawing from his years and years of experience in dealing with the minds and habits of religiots and creationists, that these fossils would be called 'proof' by creationists as to Evolution being false:

Accustomed as I am to the workings of the minds of creationists, though, I'm sad to say that I also immediately saw how this find will be abused. I guarantee you that Harun Yahya is grabbing these images and planning to stuff them into his next bloated and repetitive tome, with a caption that announces that there has been no change in octopi over 95 million years, therefore evolution is false.

Well, needless to say his predictions were quickly confirmed – by none other than Canada's beacon of shame, Denyse O'Leary, a pseudo-journalist with an ID agenda and less credibility than a drug addict talking about astrophysics.

And now, an even dumber ignoramus (always pushing the stretches of possibility, these creationists are) has come forth with even more shockingly stupid and fundamentally ignorant claims. Joseph Farah, a Christian American Evangelical (yes, already he's very apt to talk about biological discoveries, isn't he?), put forth these hilariously wrong claims as his opening lines in his article on World NutNet Daily:

Scientists are baffled by the latest fossil find.[1]

It's an octopus they claim is 95 million years old.[2]

And, guess what? It looks just like a modern-day octopus – complete with eight legs, rows of suckers and even traces of ink.[3]

In all that time, it seems, the octopus hasn't evolved – not one tiny bit.[4]

If stupid was deadly, this alone would've sent most of NYC to the grave. Dear God, how can anyone even be so profoundly ignorant of the most basic of biological facts and basic Science, and still be considered fit to write articles? Even on WingNut Daily?

Let's see:

[1] No, they are not baffled. 'Surprised' and 'excited' are not the same as 'baffled' (as in 'confused' or 'perplexed' by the find). Already, a baseless claim.

[2] Yes, it is 95 million years old, as confirmed by extremely accurate and precise dating tools and methods. No 'claims' about it.

[3] This would have any layman smirking and sneering – and would send any biologist hurtling to the ground in laughter. 'Eight legs, rows of suckers and even traces of ink'? That's how a kindergartener with crayons in his mouth would describe cephalopods. It's the equivalent of saying mammals never changed because they all have skin, four limbs and two eyes. It's hilariously dumb. There are nearly two hundred different species of cephalopods last I checked, each with defining traits and differences from each other.

[4] Ah, here we go – just because it's highly similar to modern octopi (which admittedly, it is), it hasn't changed 'one tiny bit'? Did this Farah twit even read about the frickin' discovery? It gives us tons of evidence, in high amounts of detail and clarity, about the process of evolution and how it differs from modern octopi. Might as well say a Husky is the same as the wolf because it 'hasn't changed one tiny bit', or that all humans look the same. It's fundamentally retarded.

And the best part is that then creationists wonder why no-one takes them seriously. Perhaps if they did some slight bit of scientific reading and learning now and then – you know, actually learning about the drivel and garbage they spout – people would be more apt to listen to what they had to say. (But then, it's a paradox, as scientific reading would make them realize how Creationism is stupid to begin with, so they wouldn't be creationists any more ... but whatever.)

Later in the article Farah even starts praising Ben Stein's Expelled, sinking his credibility well into the negatives by then. But, just for fun, or in case you weren't already fundamentally convinced of his stupidity and ignorance:

"It's funny to me that many of the same scientists who discount the Flood are believers in man-made global warming. While there's plenty of evidence for a worldwide Flood, there's no scientific evidence for man-made global warming. It is a pipedream. It is a hoax to enslave mankind to global authorities."

*Falls off chair laughing, makes scene before whole school computers classroom*

My, oh my, oh my ... How is it physically possible to pack so much stupid and retarded into such a small space?

Creationists never cease to entertain.


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