Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The bitch is getting bitchy

Now, there are many less-than-respectable women I could be referring to as 'bitches' ... But in this case it's a special mention to Gingi Edmonds. You will, of course, remember that disgustingly amoral post she made where she blamed the recent Montana cemetery plane crash, which killed 14 people including 7 children, on pro-choicers – specifically, the father of several of the victims, who owned and operated a few abortion-performing clinics. Not only did she say such incredibly horrendous things, but she was (and is) unbelievably smug and pretentious about it all – she clearly has absolutely no heart or soul or conscience. No empathy of any kind. One can wonder if she's even human. (She certainly is inhumane.)

In her latest smutty and incredibly arrogant and pretentious entry, a direct response to the notoriety she received for her horrible article, she starts by claiming she's received death threats from pro-choicers. I may be all for sending her screaming hatred, but I certainly do not condone sending threats of physical harm, especially lethality. There's a line, people. Jeez. (For one thing, it's an imprisonable felony.) I do enjoy that she's been flooded in angry responses though – I guess someone out there still cares about denouncing evil bitches for who (or what) they are.

But then her usual incoherence and confusing hatred seeps in again and fills her incredibly logorrheic and vile diatribe with sputum and bile, not to mention myriads of unfounded claims and unconfirmed facts and statistics – not to mention they really don't have anything to do with anything at all.

It's astounding that the open-minded abortion-loving crew can't seem to wrap their heads around the concept of hostility towards buildings that house infanticide and mass assembly-line slaughter, all while they support and applaud the regular targeting of churches, synagogues, forestry companies, corporate and university-based medical research laboratories, medical-supply firms, fur farms and other industrial buildings.

Oh my. The incoherence is abusive, really. Not only does she claim, amidst her blind rage for 'pro-aborts' and 'pro-death' folks, that we all support the destruction of buildings and institutions, but all those things she mentions – 'churches, synagogues, forestry companies, corporate and university-based medical research laboratories, medical-supply firms, fur farms and other industrial buildings' ... Sorry, but I fail to see what any of these things, valid issues in themselves, have anything at all to do with abortion. She's trying to mix all these issues up, which is hypocritical, cowardly, and frankly, asinine. She's a weird one, isn't she?

And then she makes up events, numbers and statistics and evidently expects us to gobble them up unquestioningly, considering she doesn't give any hint of verification or sources for the info.

In the entire history of the struggle over abortion, only 7 pro-abortion activists (including three abortionists) have been murdered. Compare that to the 520 murders by pro-aborts and the 360 fatal botched abortions by abortionists including: 145 pregnant women, 360 abortion clients, 71 other women, 110 born children, 164 wanted preborn children and 30 men.

Wow, only seven pro-choicers have been killed? Nice to know we're getting off so easy, right?

Not only are the rest of her numbers totally irrelevant to anything pertaining to the issue, they're also invalid until reviewed sources are announced. Nice try, bitch.

I honestly tried to read her full entry but the amount of distortion, smug suppositions and unbelievable crass assertions (not to mention overall stupidity and crankery) frankly make it impossible for me to go through a single paragraph. Perhaps if she wasn't so dementially insane and hysterical, even for an anti-abortionist, I'd be more tempted to hear (or read) what she's got to say, but quite frankly, it's too trying.

Instead of wasting your time trying to tell her what a horrible bitch she is, why don't you sign up for a peaceful counter-protest to some of those annoying, pestilential anti-abortion protests these fools have got going on all the time? At least that would achieve something – and nothing stops you from bringing a few Molotov Cocktails while you're at it. (Ok, ok, joking.)

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