Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Comfort confronted and needs more comfort: another fail for the stupid lying hypocrite

We all know Ray Comfort can't debate worth a damn, what with his transparent arrogance (of ignorance?), hilariously stupid arguments and claims, and overall the fact that he has the credibility of an moss-covered rock (and a similar IQ to boot). For example, recently he headed all the way to New Zealand to try and hold a debate against a 'Darwinist', and while no-one answered at first and they were about to cancel the debate, one poor soul agreed to it – the full account of the experience is logged at Jesus was a Tit Man.

Some random excerpts for derisory entertainment:

However, as it turns out, the thing was a farce, as the poor mustachioed mountebank had nothing at all to say. I say this with all due humility, I was not perfect, I spoke too fast, was nervous and relied far too much on my notes, and even screwed up a reference, but this was my first debate ever, and Ray simply had no counter to anything I said, and gave up his ground with such alacrity it was like he knew he was a half competent liar.

He glibly admitted that he couldn’t defend the veracity of the bible, before ignoring everything I had said in order to give his preplanned speech. During rebuttal he even started to squirm and look more slug-like than is his habit when I mentioned that one of his arguments had been addressed at length and to Ray personally by P.Z Myers.

During the question and answers, Ray got sarcastic and petulant and looked every inch the beaten and discovered cheat who wished he had never issued the challenge.

But today found out that according to Ray, I, referred to simply as “the atheist” was “pretty sad. He just read notes he printed off the Internet. The old spaghetti monster stuff. I felt sorry for him.”

OWCH! How bad do you have to be when even your mindless sycophants concede to your opponent that you downright sucked?

The site aforementioned also has two sound clips from the debate – listen if you like, only I'm short on time here – Trophy Girlfriend's got my nuts in a vice to get me to work out. (I'd better get something good out of this ... Hmph.)

Don't worry about poor little Ray though – he'll get right back on that horse of Denial and keep spouting his gut-bustingly-hilarious arguments and claims while anyone with half a brainstem either dies laughing or of shame at belonging to the same species.


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