Thursday, April 09, 2009

O'Reilly's got a little egomania problem there ...

Who doesn't like it when Bullyin' Bill gets bitchslapped here and there? The froth-mouthed lunatic definitely deserves it when it happens – I remember him once blaming a drunk-driving fatality on immigration for Pete's sake. Conversely, there's also little I enjoy more, being the petty bastard that I am, than to watch celebrated troll-pricker Roger Ebert stone some moron(s) to death in his perpetually classy, sharp and cunning manner.

So, why not have both? Recently Bad Bill had his column canned by the Chicago Sun-Times – begging the question as to why it was ever on there to begin with, considering the Sun-Times' supposed liberal penchant – and now the great newspaper has had the crushing death-blow of ... being included on petty Bill's 'Wall of Shame'. Ebert has at it, and it's as beautiful as his dissections of idiots usually are.

We were founded by Marshall Field one week before Pearl Harbor to provide a liberal voice in Chicago to counter the Tribune, which opposed an American war against Hitler. I'm sure you would have sided with the Trib at the time.


My editor informs me that "very few" readers complained about the disappearance of your column, adding, "many more complained about Nancy." I know I did.


That newspapers continue to run your column is a mystery to me, since it is composed of knee-jerk frothings and ravings. If I were an editor searching for a conservative, I wouldn't choose a mad dog. My recommendation: The admirable Charles Krauthammer.

Glorious Ebert then ends with what has to be a hilariously witty Chicago Mouse joke that my abhorrent ignorance in all things Chicago and cultural history prevent me from grasping the point of. Damn.

(Being the ignorant twit that I am, I then looked up this "Charles Krauthammer", expecting it to be a raving moronic delusional conservative gassbag on par with O'Reilly, but instead found him to be probably the best Conservative that's ever lived. I wonder why he doesn't call himself a liberal, what with him being a critic of Creationism/Intelligent Design, Bush, and being all for reasonable Stem Cell Research and legalized abortion. Oh my, a public Conservative talking sense? Whatever shall we do?)

Also, a little reminder as to why we all love Frothin' Bill in the first place. (And I'd be horribly remiss if I didn't include this wonderful little creation – if only because, once again, it's stuck in my head.)

Ah, poor Bill. He really doesn't do himself many services – nor make many friends.

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