Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Creationists are suing Texas!

It's hard to imagine such a contradictory statement, no? What with Texas and the rest of the Deep South being the hotbed of Creationism in America and all.

Over a year ago, the Institute for Creation Research tried to pass along a few silly degrees in the state of Texas, degrees that basically would allow them to throw in teachers whose entire idea of science and biology would have been taken straight from the Bible and Young-Earth Creationism theological idiocy. For once, Texas made a choice to make us all proud when the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board essentially laughed them out.

But this is America, land where you sue someone over having coffee spilled over your favorite jeans, so naturally, the ICR is now suing the THECB. You can guess how their lawsuit terms must sound.

Even better, here it is for all to laugh at. Concentrated doses of stoopid are always fun!

The sixty-seven-page complaint teems with various factual claims and legal arguments, leading a blogger for the Dallas Observer (April 20, 2009) to quip that it "reads kind of like stereo instructions." It also teems with unabashed creationist rhetoric, citing articles from the ICR's publication Acts and Facts along with case law, explaining that Paredes — born as he was in 1942 — was not a witness to the Big Bang, asserting that discussions about the origin of life and the formation of the earth "do not become 'empirical science' simply because those discussions emit from the oral cavities of 'scientists'" (p. 33), and insisting that the Big Bang "should not be confused with the 'great noise' mentioned in 2nd Peter 3:10" (p. 21).

Well, at least they're not referred to as "scienticians". Right?

For those amused or bored enough to care to follow up on this inane lawsuit, here are the full papers of the event. Do keep your coffee away from your keyboard – falling asleep or dropping out of your chair in laughter is not very good for sensitive electronics, you see.

(via Pharyngula)


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