Monday, April 20, 2009

It's time to act! Punish the torture enablers!

The Obama administration may deem it wise not to "linger on the past" (or however they phrased it) by retroactively punishing the CIA heads and lawyers and etc. who wrote up the memos that essentially condoned torture in Guantanamo Bay while weaseling around the proper definitions of "torture", but we as a people certainly have the right and the means to act. Anyone with a modicum of human compassion in them should be rightfully disgusted by these memos – I know I was, judging by my long previous post on the matter – and would be out for blood.

Well, okay, not actual blood. But some indictment, impeachment and generalized punishment sure would be nice – and here're some examples of what you can do.

There's already a strong campaign aiming to impeach Jay Bybee, the redactor of these memos, and in addition to supporting (or even joining) that measure, you could petition to appoint a Special Prosecutor, and finally, you can join the effort in California to impeach Bybee.

If a country is supposed to be the high moral ground on torture, inhumanity and all those things the Unites States are supposed to be against to its core, then they need to show to the world that it will not stand for its own members and officials carrying it out. There needs to be more justice to this world, and Lord knows America is a prominent role-model for the planet, so act now!

(The previous is via Pharyngula. If anyone knows of any other efforts to try and bring these atrocities to light and rightfully punish those behind them, do send the motions in and I'll add them to this post pronto. Thank you.)


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