Friday, April 10, 2009

Now THIS is stupid

Conservatives seem to be going out of their way to try and discredit Obama these days, and just now a FOXNews report flickered across my screen and literally made me cringe in horror and incredulity. You see, when President Obama greeted King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia last week, he apparently 'bowed' before the King. Now, Conservatives are accusing the 'leader of the free world' of 'bending over to foreigners'.

But the White House denies that the president bowed.

A video of the greeting shows Obama significantly stooping before the 84-year-old monarch.

The alleged bow left a bitter taste with many conservatives.

"By bending over to show greater respect to Islam, the U.S. president belittled the power and independence of the United States," the Washington Times said in an editorial.

Even though I haven't seen this particular bit of footage and can't even seem to find it on YouTube, this is stupid on several levels of neuronal apoptosis. Since when does bowing absolutely signify submission? As far as I know (which is apparently quite a bit more than these twits), bowing is a sign of respect. Yes, it can mean submission, like a student before a teacher or a servant before a master or whatever. But it can also be used between peers as a sign of mutual respect and dignity.

I can't know for sure if Obama did indeed bow before King Abdullah, of if it's all just a misunderstanding or an optical illusion (it's definitely happened before), but even if he did: So Freakin' What? Oh my God, the President of the United States is such a spineless coward that he was forced to bow before a foreign official to show respect! OMG! Alert the forces! DefCon 5! Code Red! Reeed!!

Seriously, if the President bowing before a foreign dignitary to show his respect is seen as a sign of weakness or subservience, then the world's been fucked many times over by now. Japan will explode tomorrow, too, considering that bowing has been used to show respect, in addition to submission, for a few many centuries.

In the end, shaking hands, bowing, a quick peck on the hand or cheek – they're all signs of respect. I doubt Obama is about to strip and bend over for Abdullah, or anyone else, considering he is the 'leader of the free world'. Because America is now the entirety of the free world, I suppose. Nevermind Canada, most of Europe, or whatever – they're backwash, always kissing other countries' asses, right?


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