Friday, April 10, 2009

Really? The first time this has ever happened?

Considering the rightful anger demonstrated against Creationism/Intelligent Design for it being constantly pushed into our schools and governments and throats, and considering how volatile and angry people are in general, it truly struck me as surprising that the Discovery Institute, arguably the leader of the Intelligent Design bullshit in America, has just received its very first string of threats in its entire history. If it's true, it's certainly a great grade towards our party's restraint. Too bad someone had to go and blow our previously spotless record though. Jerk.

An employee at the Discovery Institute, a conservative think tank based in downtown Seattle, received threatening e-mails last week, according to an SPD incident report.

The employee, identified in the officer's narrative as the Institute's Vice-President, Steven Buri, says in the report that they occasionally receive e-mails from people who disagree with the think tank's theories and call the staff "stupid." Three e-mails this week, however, were turned over to the police after Buri became alarmed by a specific line: "You've been warned asshole. Shut the fuck up or die."

While I do hate the Institute for being the mind-twisting hypocritical lying bullshitters that they are, I certainly do not condone sending them death threats. Nothing against sending them bags and bags of hatemail, of course – but come on, no threats. Not only is it immature and stupid, but it also tarnishes our reputation as fighters for reason and enlightenment – not to mention it also feeds their stupid Christianity Persecution Complex. And that's never a good thing.

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