Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yes, anti-abortionists, you ARE a threat so shut up already

A recently leaked report from the Department of Homeland Security concerning domestic and international threats to the US has a brief mention in passing about "right-wing extremism" that could possibly include "groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration". Notice how those are just two examples out of many others?

Well of course, you can't expect wackjob Christian groups to understand that, and now they're all up in arms at the unfair "generalization" – because of course, no-one's more peaceful than anti-abortionists, right?

"This is an outrageous characterization that raises serious questions about the leadership and direction of the agency charged with protecting Americans in the ongoing battle against terrorism," Jay Seculow, president and chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, told the conservative Web site He said the ACLJ is preparing a legal analysis and launching a nationwide campaign to demand that the DHS remove the reference from its warning.

Oh, shut UP. If there's one thing I hate, it's blabbering fake martyrs and hypocrites. You and your ilk proudly display signs with threats and vile content, even display buses with photos of aborted fetuses painted on their sides, and of course not to forget all the good doctors who have been persecuted and fired and have had their careers destroyed by you and your ever-moronic crew of self-righteous bigoted twats. And then of course, there are the terrorist acts – bombing of clinics, shootings, assassinations, etc.

It's odd, but I continually see reports of pro-choice doctors and proponents undergoing heavy fire from these cretins, yet I never, ever, EVER hear of anti-abortionists being fired upon, threatened with death or an eternity in Hell (which is quite unkind when you think about it, knowing that they take pleasure in anticipating that you'll be sent to burn for all eternity), or bombed, or violently countered in any way. Someone give me one example. One true example. I beg you.

Anyway, good luck with getting the Department of Homeland Security to redact their report. In case you haven't noticed, if you're pathetic enough to be losing fights and battles against a mere opposing party, I doubt you stand any sort of chance in influencing the organization in charge of the US' safety and security.


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