Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yes, Jon ... the conservatives, in just two-and-a-half months out of power, have become everything they hate about the loony left

Conservatives never cease, do they? Once again, regale yourselves in bountiful sarcastic with and sardonic hilarity with this clip from The Daily Show as Jon Stewart tackles those hilariously stupid "tea parties" that went on across America only a few days ago. Good thing hypocrisy doesn't kill, half the country would be dead.

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(Why doesn't the stupid Comedy Network allow me to watch American clips from Canada? Instead I have to go through half-a-dozen other websites, click on a few links, and wait for hours for the damn thing to load, before I can even see it. Grrr ... (Though it certainly is worth it.))

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't include some other brilliant trophies of conservative stupidity. Why not? Clowns on this scale deserve all the laughing-at they can get. Stupidity should always be painful. (For the stupids, that is.)

Ah. Ha. Ha! Hahaha! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA— *chokegagchokesplutter* ... hahaha ...

Sorry, but when the stupid Right have spent all of Bush's administration decrying the portrayal of him as a fascist, a Nazi, Hitler, all that sort of stuff – which, even if I don't condone such infantile insults and comparisons, he didn't do really much to counter the claims – here the President is Barack Hussein Obama, American Fuhrer and Nazi-leader!! xDDDDDDD

(Isn't it curious how Obama's middle name, "Hussein", seems to be left out of positive portrayals, then emphasized in negative ones? Wow, it's a NAME, people. He'd be Gooby McSmackypants and I'd still praise him. Wow. People need to stop this obsession with having "correct" names, it's really getting old.)

But of course, no insanity-driven protest of gullible idiot twaddlers would be complete without ...

... comparing Obama's attitude towards taxpayers as Hitler's actions towards Jews. Of course, deep down Obama only wants his taxpayers to fry in ovens, or end up in gas chambers, or whatever ...

Even I fail to see how people – even the far-right fear-mongering paranoid morons they can be – can be so utterly demented.

... Ooookay, so now Obama's plan is to turn those poor Whites into slaves ...

There comes a time when one is so overcome by gratuitous stupidity – I mean, STOOPID, the kind you can throw from rooftops to coat the streets with – that your neurons seem to undergo apoptosis all by themselves and you lose your cognitive functions. I seem to be going through this very process right now.

This is lethal stupidity and hypocrisy on a scale I've rarely seen. For all the years and years the wingnuts of the Right have been screaming themselves hoarse and stupid about those Stupid LiberalzTM, they sure don't appear too reticent in engaging in the exact same activities themselves ... and then taking it up a few dozen notches with such ignorance-laced hatred against Obama. It's like foolish Rush Limbaugh, idiot Hannity, tool-headed Glenn Beck and all those other right-wing twits, who openly hope and hope for Obama to fail ... You've really got to wonder if they're not just treasonous scumbags for openly hoping that the leader of the US, especially when the US is in such dire straights as it is now, fails – implying that his policies, which are all that is keeping the stupid country afloat to begin with, fail as well.

Sirs, I shake my head despondently to you. You are the stupid that is permeating through the entirety of America.

(via Respectful Insolence)


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