Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dare to Stand ... in silence and inconsequential embarrassment

You will of course remember that stupid anti-gay marriage video from a few days ago from the laughably serious National Organization for Marriage – you know, the nutters who made a vid about a "Gathering Storm" of ... what? Gay rights? I forget. Anyway, you may also remember how delllliciously it was grilled by the Laureate of American Satire, Stephen Colbert (vid below).

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*Grumbles about having to view it on the Canadian Comedy Network branch while clutching exploded ribs*

Dang, exploded ribs hurt. Well anyway, now another stupid anti-gay organization – an Illinois church (so it is, in fact, inherently stupid and anti-gay ...) has launched a painfully long yet ridiculously insipid and stupid ad about how the "Gay Agenda" is ruining America. Seriously, you've got to see this video to believe it.

Don't try to head over there to rate it (0) or comment ("Is this a joke?"), as – inexplicably – they've been disabled. How ... odd.

While the video itself sent me laughing out loud at times (dunno if it was mostly out of amusement, astonishment, or just plain derision), I will admit to being somewhat cold to the idea of using poor innocent kids as their puppets to try and "touch" people in their hearts with this nonexistent issue. I do like kids – far more than adults in any case – and exploiting them should merit being shot or kicked in the balls or something. It's disgusting. But enough about that ...

Yes, it seems we evil Gay SupporterzTM are silencing Christians for speaking out against the "sin" of being gay. Yes, that's how their minds work. Sad, no?

Particularly amusing is how the end by saying that any gays watching this vid NEED to repress and ignore their sinful desires and urges, because, after all, "God does love you". ... Not enough to stop him from throwing you in the fiery pits of Hell if you declare yourself to be gay or fall in love with another man, but hey, it's still love. I guess. (They said so.)

Isn't it simultaneously amazing, hilarious and sad, to see how far the Religious Right have sunk with their stupid beliefs and insane worldviews?

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