Monday, May 25, 2009

Daniel Hauser back in Minnesota

The 13-year-old chemotherapy refusenik who prefers to waste his body on "herbs and vitamins" to treat his lethal Hodgkin's lymphoma rather than take actual treatment that would save his life, all under the pretext of "Freedom of Religion", and who was ordered by a court judge recently to undergo science-based medical therapy that would more-than-likely save his life – which caused him and his mother to flee to avoid the chemo – has finally been located, having returned to Minnesota.

A sheriff's office in Minnesota says a 13-year-old cancer patient and his mother who fled the state to avoid chemotherapy have returned.

The Brown County sheriff's office did not provide any details Monday but said a news conference would be held at the county seat of New Ulm.

We'll see what happens next. Details are still scarce, but at least now there's a chance the stubborn little refusenik will actually ... you know ... live. Assuming the doctors strap the brat down and force him through the treatment he so desperately needs.

It won't be easy, or pleasant, for anyone. Daniel will be in pain, he'll be nauseous, he'll be sick and weak, he'll look like death warmed over, and he'll be thoroughly miserable and angry for a long time, most likely.

You know why he'll be in such a pitiful state?

Because he'll be alive to be so. And he'll be long enough to recover and get over it, too. Who knows – he might just laugh at his childhood stupidity and stubbornness one day.


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