Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daniel Hauser finally back on chemotherapy

The brainwashed chemotherapy ex-refusenik's battle against science-based treatment and judge rulings is finally over: the 13-year-old boy is officially undertaking chemotherapy once again. It gets better (hopefully): it's been declared that he and his mother (and father) will no longer obstruct his healthcare and will finally stop using religion as a pretext to avoid chemotherapy in favor of unfounded woo.

After Daniel and his mother returned to Minnesota this week, both his parents told a judge they will let Daniel undergo chemotherapy because they now understand it is necessary to save his life. They said they were setting aside their religious objection to it, and the judge allowed them to keep custody of Daniel.

This is, of course, the best possible outcome we could've ever hoped for. They've finally dropped their stupid (and lethal) pretexts and Daniel is finally under the proper treatment he deserves in order to live. He still has a roughly 90% survival rate by now (though maybe a little lower after all this fooling around evading the law and running away like cowards), and I'm feeling highly optimistic as to his eventual complete recovery.

Let's just hope he doesn't attribute his more-than-likely survival from cancer to the short bouts of shitty woo he did undergo before this actual treatment. After all, they're already placing forth a fundraiser for CAM ... which indicates that perhaps they haven't learned their damned lesson after all.

(via Respectful Insolence)


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