Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sorry, senility doesn't pass as a good excuse yet, McCain

The ex-Presidential candidate tried to feign ignorance concerning the Republican fear-mongering over the impending closure of Guantanamo Bay. You know, when those dishonest imbeciles keep stating that President Obama's plan is simply to release those terrorists and suspects into suburban Michigan or whatever and see what happens. Now McCain tries to play the naivety card to see if we'd fall for it. Sorry ... no.

Even Levin's Republican counterpart on the committee, John McCain of Arizona, said he was open to the possibility of moving Guantánamo detainees to secure facilities in the United States, saying, "It depends on the circumstances."

But McCain said the issue has been muddied by the public perception that the administration would release dangerous prisoners to walk the streets in U.S. neighborhoods. "Whether that's accurate or inaccurate, that's the impression that the American people have," McCain said.

The very idea that McCain wouldn't be aware of the endlessly dishonest and pathetic tactics employed by his own party is less-than-laughable. And to think he nearly became President ...

Nice try, but ... well, no, not nice try.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)


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