Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh, God. The stupid.

If you thought we'd seen just about everything in terms of abject stupidity and ignorance from creationists ... well, you know. Now Eric Hovind from – you know, with that "Win an iPod Touch" promotional crud I'd never be delusional enough to promote on this little hole-in-the-world – asks that fundamental question that truly proves creationism ... well, Noah's flood, at least. How could the Colorado River have formed the Grand Canyon if it's so deep in the rock? Did it just flow upwards towards the exit?

Too bad I can't imbed the video, because this is something to truly wake you up in this morning if you're not awake already. Nothing like the smell of self-suiciding neurons in the morning, really.

I'll let any commentors brave the challenge enough to answer poor mentally-deficient Mr. Hovind here, because frankly, the knowledge that my 6-year-old little cousin (bless her) could defeat this argument (and the moron who uses it) over her summer popsicle and teddy bear ... well, it scares me.

(via Pharyngula)


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