Tuesday, May 05, 2009

That does NOT HELP you idiots

How do you make sure to inflame Muslims (particularly radicals) in Afghanistan and ascertain to prolong the battle forevermore, leading to more death and destruction and pain? Try to proselytize your stupid religion, oddly enough. Which is exactly what some American soldiers are doing – and here's video evidence, as if endless eyewitness reports and testimonials weren't enough.

Fucking imbeciles. Never mind the fact that it's directly in violation of the US Constitution, military rules and regulations, and countless other laws; they're in the middle of an extremely conservative Islamic country and culture with the kind of mindset that views Christian westerners as the source of most-if-not-all evil in this world, and somehow these evangilical soldiers think it's a good idea to try and convert them!? How the hell can anyone get in the military when they've got such a demonstrably mediocre IQ? (Already it doesn't take a genius to volunteer to get yourself blown up like a sacrificial lamb, but to actually act in ways that would just speed that up – really, it's a fine line between stupidity and insanity, and suicidal behavior.)

Yeah, this is really gonna help the region and bring peace between the Middle-East and the West. Goddamn morons. Yet another case of Good ChristiansTM spreading the Werd of Gawd.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)


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