Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WSJD: What Should Jenny Do?

As you will know (maybe), Jenny McCarthy's TV show is coming soon, and now, Oprah.com is asking YOU what you think should happen on the show! Any suggestions or ideas? Send 'em in!

You've seen it all over the news...Jenny McCarthy, one of America's funniest and coolest moms and Harpo is giving her, her own show.

Here is where YOU come in.

What would you like to see featured on Jenny's show? What would you like for her to talk about? What are you and your friends buzzing about?

Any topics you'd like for her to tackle? Are there any questions that you have -- that you would love for her to answer?

If so -- we definitely want to hear from you!

Write to us and tell us exactly what you'd like to see Jenny do.

Make sure to include your questions and thoughts in detail. And make sure ONLY to write if you'd be willing to talk to us on national television.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How 'bout peppering the audience with people who actually know a thing or two about science and science-based medicine, so they would tackle and utterly molest her idiotic, vapid and ignorant quackery and fraudery and perhaps even educate her a little? That would help, I think, considering the number of foolishly naive mothers who are falling in line behind her and the whole wretched Antivaccine movement.

Coincidentally, I heard PZ Myers just sent a suggestion himself:

I want Jenny McCarthy to get schooled. I want her to invite educated, intelligent scientists and doctors on her show, who each week dissect her vapid little opinions and dismantle her cherished biases. I want her to be embarrassed in every hour. And I want her to get a little wiser, episode by episode, so that by the end of a year she actually becomes an informed and interesting person.

Help people learn some actual science and medicine by making Jenny McCarthy a public example, and help McCarthy become a better human being -- one who doesn't kill children with her ignorance.

I seriously doubt they'll listen to that though, considering one of their guidelines being about the prohibition of defamation, libel, offensiveness and whatever. You just can't be mean to idiotic murderous loons. That's wrong. Promoting woo and bullshit that kills innocent children on the other hand ...


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