Monday, May 04, 2009

"Young girls need to ask their mothers if they don't want kids" — Palin

Which is basically the message sent by the bloody stupid governor of Alaska and McCain's ex-running mate when she announced she'll promote a bill that would require underage girls to ask their parents for permission before requesting an abortion should they fall pregnant prematurely.

Sponsors of the ballot initiative applied last week to start gathering signatures. The measure would prohibit doctors from performing abortions for girls under 18 without notice or consent from at least one parent.

Palin backed a parental consent measure introduced in the Legislature this year, but the measure stalled. Supporters hope to get the consent measure on the ballot next year.

A Planned Parenthood official in Alaska, Clover Simon, says her organization opposes parental consent as potentially dangerous for teens looking to avoid facing their parents.

Ie. if you're a girl under 18 in Alaska and have an unwanted parasite growing in your uterus, you'd better pray your parents aren't anti-abortionist meddlers, or ... you're screwed.

Of course, it's inevitable this shitty law will be passed in a place like Alaska, and girls had better start praying they won't fall through the cracks of that 99.5% rate of success for pills and condoms.

Wouldn't you know it, a wackaloon Republican is screwing up civil rights. Why didn't I see that coming?


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