Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another outing from another thin-skinned douchebag

Just a little while ago the blogosphere was outraged over Ed Whalen's outing of Plubius from the Obsidian Wings blog, just because Plubius had dared to be rightfully mean and snarky to poor little Whalen. Well, now we got a new one, and sadly, it revolves around the great Canadian Cynic. Yes; he's been outed by some right-wing bitch who decided it was her responsibility to expose him for being so sharp with his words towards the idiots and utter buffoons, particularly in the Canadian political landscape.

I couldn't find any actual "source article" where the outing was officially announced, and Canadian Cynic's blog is so damned long there's no way I'll be able to sift through all the posts and find the one where he mentions his outing before I die of exposure or something, so instead I'll quote the bitch in question who outed him, and her reasoning behind her doing so:

Outing bloggers isn't usually my thing. I don't see a point to it. But when you repeatedly abuse and demean people because they do not march in lockstep with you, I'm sorry but you deserve it.

So basically, what she's saying is: "I don't do it on principle, but this guy – this dude was so mean to me! I just HAD to out him! THAT'll show him who's boss!". Yo, bitch: if you don't do something because it's wrong on principle, a novel idea would be NOT TO DO IT, you sanctimonious prick.

Also amusing is how she allures to it being the only time she's done it. Yes, I expect that would hold up perfectly well in court, wouldn't it? "You see, Your Honor, my client – he doesn't kill that often. He's only killed this one dude here, but no-one else!" Somehow, my spidey-sense doesn't tell me it's gonna hold up very well. Either you don't do it at all, or you do it and are therefore an asshole and a douchebag. It's that simple.

However, it seems this was obviously an attempt at deterring Canadian Cynic from his mean anti-idiocy activities, perhaps to intimidate him and quell his endless tirades against stupidity and bullshit. Well, considering he's planning a looming speech entitled "Creationism, ID and the Douchebaggery of Really Bad Arguments: An Evening with the Canadian Cynic" ... He doesn't exactly sound like she's forced him to cower in the woods with an Internet connection. More like, he's gonna be more vocal than ever, which is definitely the way to go in my opinion. You go, man!


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