Saturday, June 20, 2009

Confusing morality with ridiculous oversensitivity

This is one of the stranger reports you'll find when it comes to someone suing someone else for having done something reportedly "immoral":

A Texas man who used the S-word to complain about cat feces left in his yard has been acquitted of disorderly conduct in a jury trial. Joseph Loflin, 48, admits he used the vulgar term for excrement because neighbor Michael Rainey had ignored his previous, more nuanced complaints. Rainey asked police to cite Loflin, saying his 13-year old daughter heard the word. "A little piece of America died today," Rainey said of the verdict. "It's a sad day for morality."

Right. Because at thirteen years old, she'll never – ever – have heard "shit". Hell, I bet she's afraid to call it "poodoo", isn't she.

Eat shit. Fucking moron. The only piece of America that died today was a tiny fragment of the stupid, ignorant, fascist and necrotic part of it.


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