Saturday, June 20, 2009

Liberty University actually taught one of its students something important!

That student is Brian Diaz, who was the President of the College Democrats organization at Liberty University before the "university" decided that liberals and progressivists were against the conservative wingnuttia they wished to promote in favor of Christianity and disbanded the whole group (whilst keeping the College Republicans intact, of course). The lesson? Simple and evident: get the fuck out of Liberty University and, as Richard Dawkins once put it so aptly, "find a proper university".

“My time as President of Liberty University College Democrats has been a great and enjoyable experience.

I learned how to work together with my counterparts, the College Republicans, I also learned the asset that is patience, and I learned a little bit about something called trust.

Throughout my term as President I have spent numerous days and hours working to make a difference on the Liberty University campus.

I established a Faith caucus within the Virginia Young Democrats, a caucus of which I now chair. I worked closely with a number of campaigns, candidates, and issue based groups to bring parts of the democratic platform to the students at Liberty University.

Our club received the “Up and Coming club of the Year” award while I was President, as well.

Although I have put in a tremendous amount of work this past year, I believe that based on the dismissal of Maria Childress as our club sponsor, as well as an email from the administration to me stating that, “You are distorting the truth, and you know it. You have no credibility with me” forces me to resign as club President and look for other educational opportunities by the means of transferring to a new institution.

I do not wish to speak badly about the Liberty; I only wish to be apart of an institution that fosters diversity within its student body. I am deeply saddened by this decision but I feel that with the present administration the Liberty University College Democrats cannot be effective.

I hope that I can transfer to an institution this coming fall that will continue to help me develop my education, bipartisanship, and leadership skills. I will be applying to a number of schools including Virginia Commonwealth University, Randolph College, and a number of other universities across the Commonwealth.

I wish all the best to the Liberty University College Democrats, and I hope that this situation will not hinder anyone but will encourage political involvement, and standing up to what youth believe in.”

A little kiss-ass, perhaps, but no-one sheds the bullshit the likes of which LU is part of in a single bound. Small steps, one at a time, and Brian is already coming along well. Who knows – maybe others will follow in his footsteps. Though hoping that the bulk will is perhaps wishful thinking. (And at worst, insanity.)


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