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I know I've already covered this ... but I can't help it

Just yesterday I wrote a long post about the hypocrisy of so-called "pro-lifers" and how their preference for living really only comes down to those who they agree with. Of course, one of the more fervent (and downright rabid) of these heartless ghouls has to be Gingi Edmonds, who I've already covered as she pretty much pointed and yelled "Told ya so!" when a plane crash took the lives of the children and grandchildren of a doctor who happened to be an abortionist. Really, it's hard to invent someone with less compassion, and humanity at all, than this bitch. ('Cause there are no other words that fit her as well.)

One of the most abuzz subjects of late is of course the murder of Dr. George Tiller, who gained much notoriety as being one of the very few (3?) late-term abortion-enablers in the US. It's sparked a firestorm that seems destined to crush the anti-abortionist movement (we can always hope, I suppose), and much of the anti-abortionist reaction to his murder has been nothing short of ... hell, I can't imagine a word that truly does justice to how downright disgusting these abject excuses for human beings are. Just take a look at some of the tweets that have been flying around:

UPDATE... Doctor George Tiller was aborted today in his 204th trimester - aren't paybacks a bitch

oh HAPPY DAY! Tiller the baby killer is DEAD!
Samantha Pelch

George Tiller the baby killer was shot dead this morning. God bless the gunmen who hopefully won't be caught.
readnwatchchris, Creedmor. NC

was George Tiller the baby killers brain scrambled the way he scrambled full term fetuses.. one can only hope
Brad S

May Tiller rot in Hell , infanticide is the murder of babies, he WAS a provider of death like Hitler, Bundy the list goes on....
Dennis, A People Voip Company

No need to pray for George Tiller. We know he went straight to hell!!!!!
Laurie D. Bailey Olive Branch, MS

Karma is a beautiful thing. Cheers to the hero who sent George Tiller where he belongs... straight to hell.
Matthew Kamar

The person who shot Tiller the baby killer simply excercised a man's right to choose.
Sami Shamieh, Walnut Creek, CA

Always fun to probe the minds of the darker denizens of the Internet.

You will also remember Randall Terry's quick response to the murder:

George Tiller was a mass-murderer. We grieve for him that he did not have time to properly prepare his soul to face God. I am more concerned that the Obama Administration will use Tiller's killing to intimidate pro-lifers into surrendering our most effective rhetoric and actions. Abortion is still murder. And we still must call abortion by its proper name; murder.

A "mass-murderer". Sure.

Anyway, back to Edmonds. She's recently posted up a lengthy entry concerning "GEORGE TILLER THE BABY KILLER" (how classy and eloquent), which I also covered in my response to the anti-aborts' reaction to this whole affair. However, I really feel like I didn't do it justice. It was late at night and my vocabulary had basically dribbled down to "stupid idiot", and I feel like I can do so much better and more eloquently now. So, I will.

This is gonna be a very long post: I've posted all the bits and excerpts that stand out from her mindless diatribe, and there are quite a few.

(And I would also point out that anyone who is the slightest bit sensitive about this sort of utter heartlessness and amorality, should turn away now.)

In addition to being a hit man for hire, Tiller also offered funerary services to mothers that paid him to off their kids. While most clinics in the nation are content to just rape and scrape, Tiller took his practice leaps and bounds beyond the norm and peddled abortion packages that included photographing, footprinting, handprinting, baptism, cremation, and arrangement for autopsy.

A "hitman for hire". Interesting (albeit totally meaningless) comparison. Also note her language in how she states that Dr. Tiller would "off their kids". Nevermind that these are unborn fetuses, which don't even count as "babies" yet (even if they're colliqually referred to as such).

It's also interesting how she'd be supposedly surprised or shocked at how Dr. Tiller offered mourning or remembrance services for the bygone fetuses. She's obviously unable to comprehend that even if these mothers-to-have-been realized they would be unable to cope with children, they still felt attached to the infants when they made the exceedingly hard decision to end their unborn lives. Maternal instincts kick in long before the child is even born; although they intellectually realize it just can't realistically happen for them at that point and time in their lives, it's still often one of the hardest decisions they can ever make.

George Tiller personally killed more babies than America lost soldiers in Vietnam. Although he specialized in killing handicapped children, most of his tiny victims were late term, fully-formed, healthy, and viable outside the womb. He performed an average of roughly seven post-viable abortions per week and has admitted on tape to aborting babies a day before the mother's due date.

And now she starts her long-winded plethora of unfounded and unverifiable (and unverified) statistics and numbers. I'd really be interested in knowing how many infants Dr. Tiller terminated, yet somehow I seriously doubt that number is even a significant fraction of the more than 59,000 American soldiers who lost their lives in that pointless war. Unless she's just hyperboling, of course, though something tell me she honestly isn't.

Then, she moves on saying he "specialized in killing handicapped children". I'd love to know what the hell she even means by that. I didn't know you could tell unborn, pre-term fetuses were blind, deaf, physically disabled, mentally retarded, or anything of the sort. But then, why not a few extra lies and exaggerations to further villify the man once she's already started on this screed? In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess.

She then brings up that old (and tired) pro-life excuse: most of the fetuses (I really need to make sure I don't call them "babies", seeing as they simply aren't) were viable outside the womb. This, albeit mostly true, is simply irrelevent for two reasons. First, it's not Dr. Tiller's choice to terminate a baby that could survive, it's the mother-to-be's. If she decides to terminate the pregnancy instead of undergoing labour, it's her fault, not the doctor who simply abides by her wishes as per his job requirements. And second – again, it's not about the infant. It's about the woman, and her inherent, basic right to do whatever the hell she wants to her body, and anything that lives in and of it.

Despite his radical dealings in abortion extremism for over 35 years, Tiller has been met with physical violence only three times in his career of mass baby slaughter. His clinic was bombed in 1985. On August 19, 1993 he was shot in both arms outside of his Wichita clinic. And on May 31, 2009 Tiller was shot to death as he served as an usher during church services.

What a heartless bitch. So, the fact that he's "only" been met with violence three times in his career (which is a lie; more below) ... what, lessens the pain and suffering he went through? Or is she just comparing him being shot and bombed (and later, murdered in cold blood) to the "babies he assassinated"?

As I mentioned above, he's most certainly not been attacked only three times. Those are the more extreme cases, perhaps, but he's actually quite often been attacked, directly and indirectly, both in his clinic and even at his home. I'm not sure anyone can even count the number of times his Wichita clinic has been vandalized, which, for the record, I certainly do count as an "attack". If breaking windows and defacing his place of work isn't attacking him (indirectly), I wonder what is.

And – of course – do note how she completely skips over the fact that – um – he was attacked violently a number of times. No remorse, no shame, no nothing other than a "so what?" attitude.

Murder is murder, and it is something that we pro-lifers inherently deplore. But I can't help but note - and my history is rusty so pardon me here - I'm trying to remember, did anyone mourn Lee Harvey Oswald when Jack Ruby gunned him down? Or better yet, did anyone mourn the deaths of Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer, or any other mass murderer for that matter? Even according to the harebrained pro-choice life-at-viability reckoning, Tiller was indisputably a mass murderer who was executed in a fashion far more humane than the tens of thousands of children that he mutilated and left to die in cuddle session bassinets.

Holy fucking hell. Is there anything in there that isn't simply downright insane?

First, the notion that she (and others of her ilk) deplore murder. Yes, you're clearly all wracked with grief and torment at the loss of this fellow human being. Other than the cheering, that is. Deplore murder, my fucking ass.

Second, and most troubling of all, is how she so easily and shamelessly compares Dr. Tiller, who devoted his life to providing critical services to desperate women who had nowhere else to turn to despite the years and years of unbearable public pressure to shut down, even amidst all the violence aimed at him and his kind, to the likes of Lee Harvey Oswald (who assassinated President Kennedy), Ted Bundy (brilliant psychopath linked to 35 confirmed murders, though the number could be even higher than a hundred), and Jeffrey Dahmer (horrid murderer of 17 men and young boys), some of the worst murderers of our age. Yes, in her mind, terminating pregnancies and murdering dozens of innocents ... Same deal, really.

A shiver just went down my spine.

And then, she comments on how Dr. Tiller's murder was ... humane? What the fuck could possibly be called "humane" about being gunned down in the streets by a complete psychopathic nutjob?

And of course, ending in that delectable anti-abortionist rhetoric: "... tens of thousands of children that he mutilated and left to die in cuddle session bassinets." Again, I would first love to get the actual numbers, but seeing as they simply don't exist, it's rather difficult to make an estimate. Yet I doubt Dr. Tiller, or even the most proficient of abortionists, can wrack up "tens of thousands" of abortions in only a couple of decades. It's not exactly an assembly line of pregnancy terminations. And as for the the fetuses he "mutilated and left to die" ... Mutilated how? He just gets them out of the woman's womb, and I'm also really quite certain they're quite dead by then. Ending fetuses' livies does not mean he had to enjoy causing pain to them, you know.

I mean, think about it. Someone just shot a Nazi guard manning the gas chamber at Aushwitz. I should feel bad about this? George Tiller the Baby Killer's acts are every bit as vile as the Nazi war criminals who were hunted down, tried, and sentenced after they participated in the "legal" murder of the Jews that fell into their hands.

And now, equating the killing of a Nazi guard who deliberately murders hundreds, if not thousands, of innocents based on racism and hatred, to a doctor terminating unwanted or dangerous pregnancies. Yeah ... they're virtually interchangeable.

The lone wacko who gunned Tiller down was not associated with any single pro-life organization or group. He was working solo and his acts rest on his head alone. So why, exactly, are pro-lifers doing back flips to appease the abortion mongering moonbats that seek to elevate Tiller to martyrdom and sainthood?

Little Gingi, it doesn't matter whether the murderer was associated with any actual groups or organizations. He was ON YOUR SIDE. Period. He was an anti-abortionist, living along your views and morality. He just did what I'm certain you, and many others, would have loved to do if you had the nerve.

And why are anti-aborts trying to appease pro-choicers (according to you, anyway)? Um ... maybe because they feel the slightest twinge of guilt that one of their flock stepped out and commited such an evil act? Just a thought, even though thinking is something you, Gingi, are obviously inherently incapable of doing.

Over the years there have been multiple opportunities to peacefully and legally hold George Tiller accountable to his actions, thus shielding him from acts of extremism. An example would be his trial that took place in March of 2009. Being charged with 19 misdemeanors he got off scott-free through corrupt political ties and professional dishonesty. Again, had justice been served in that courtroom, Tiller would be alive today and serving a sentence behind bars.

So there it is: her saying it was Dr. Tiller's fault, saying he just needed to be thrown in jail for him not to be assassinated like he was. I really can't pull together any sort of rational logic that would explain her twisted reasoning, though maybe it's not meant to be explained. Perhaps it just can't.

And of course, claiming that he was cleared of the unfair and ridiculous charges (considering everything he'd done was legal) because of corruption. Yeah, she's not blinded by bias at all.

Is the pro-life position one of violence? Of course not. It is because we are so peaceful that lone acts of extremism immediately garner national attention. In the course of a 36 year genocide, only five abortionists have been killed. According to government statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, for every abortionists killed, over thirty clergy members have been murdered. Where are the candlelight vigils and 24/7 news coverage for these victims of political violence?

Wow. Did she really just call the anti-abortion movent, "peaceful"? What's peaceful in gunning down "only" five abortionists, even in the relatively long timespan of 36 years? So, say – 20 or more would be violent, but only 5 is acceptable by her standards, then. What's peaceful in endlessly parading libel, slander, wretched lies and apathetic (and fundamentally disgusting) signs and ads portraying aborted fetuses? What's peaceful in the never-ending barrage of vandalism and destruction that's perpetually afflicted against abortion clinics, and abortionists' homes?

There is nothing about the anti-abortion position that can ever truly be called "peaceful". But, of course, that is what tends to happen when your motivation is fueled by overzealousness, religion, and mindless self-righteousness, which are evidently the founding core principals of the anti-abortion movement.

Even her response to the abortionists murdered concerning the clergymen that have been killed is flawed at a basic level. Okay, so clergymen were killed ... So were plumbers, architects and politicians. Care to post any sort of connection? (Not to mention that there are plenty of other reasons for which clergymen may be killed by extremists, than merely from the abortion debate.) Not that I'm saying their deaths aren't tragic or important – of course they are. I'm just pointing out their lack of relation to this topic at hand.

According to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, every day more than 80 Americans die from gun violence - many of these being senseless death with the victims innocent of any wrong-doing. And here we have a man who made a living peddling death, who reaped what he had been sowing for over 36 years at $5,000+ a pop. Does this honestly surprise anyone?

At least she's now toned down from equating Dr. Tiller to serial killers and rapists, to the senseless gun violence that plagues the US. Even though it's still a laughably ridiculous and meaningless comparison. What an abortionist doctor, and hooligans and criminals who shoot each other for gang wars or drugs or whatever, have to do with each other – takes someone like Gingi to see the relation, I guess.

(And let the record show that I am officially tired of that stupid phrase, "reap what you sow".)

Pro-lifers need to stop hyperventilating over the pro-aborts who are having aneurisms synthesizing mock outrage at Tiller's demise. We need, now more than ever, to keep things in proper perspective.

Pompous, self-righteous bitch. I assure you that I, for one, need not "synthesize mock outrage" over the vile act of Dr. Tiller's murder, and I'm fairly confident that most others who are shouting in anger over it aren't faking, either. But then, everything the other side does is fakery and fraudery when you're as hopelessly twisted and demented as the likes of Gingi Edmonds.

While it is imperative that we extend love and grace to the family of Tiller, we still cannot afford to lose sight of the fact that George Tiller was a mass murderer of the worst kind who made a living off of killing babies and harming women. Unless you are radically against capital punishment, those who view abortion as murder agree that the penalty for the crime of mass child slaughter is death. And although the method and means of his execution is deplorable, the ultimate outcome is not.

Ie. "Let's extend our blood-covered hands to the victims of our violent acts, rejoice in Dr. Tiller's death and that he's now burning in that imaginary inferno we believe in, while knowing (for ourselves) that the only possible punishment for abortionists is assassination, whether by gun or by court-ordered injection."

Here comes that shiver again ...

There is no doubt that Tiller deserved to be executed for his crimes. I just would have preferred a state sanctioned lethal injection, hanging, firing squad, electric chair, good old fashioned stoning, what have you.

Ie. "Who cares how the fuck the bastard is murdered, just as long as it's state-sanctioned. Do it as cruelly as you can, while you're at it."

I'm running out of synonyms for "inhumane, heartless bitch". Good thing this shit is almost over.

The sooner pro-lifers stop giving pro-aborts wiggle room in their perpetual playing of the victim card, the better. We need to reveal to the nation what this man did for a living and shed even more light on the grisly details of abortion. Our pointless pacifism and back-peddling in the face of this tragedy is helping turn George Tiller into a hero for the pro-abort crowd.

Yes, because being vandalized, assaulted, bombed and murdered isn't a good enough reason to complain about it, I suppose.

And yes, you are so very much a bunch of "pacific back-peddlers". Don't worry, it's not you who's going to make Dr. George Tiller a hero. His career of helping women in need and performing some of the uglier tasks of our society, has done that for him, a long time ago.

Well, if pro-aborts can dub Tiller "truly pro-life", then in all fairness I guess it's safe to say that his killer was truly "pro-choice". He believed in the idea that if a person's existence troubles you, you have the right to kill them.

So now she's equating pro-choicers to the vile psychopath tho murdered Dr. Tiller?

I fail to understand how such a young woman could have become so very, very twisted in such a short amount of time.

He believed in the idea that if a person's existence troubles you, you have the right to kill them. He also obviously strongly felt that every abortionist should be a wanted abortionist. Is it not a personal decision? His ammunition, his choice?

Apparently, this freedom of choice of Gingi's doesn't extend to the victim (Dr. Tiller), who miiiight've chosen to live instead of being shot down like an unwanted dog in the middle of the street in broad daylight by a mindless psychopath.

I mean, I personally would not shoot an abortionist, but who am I to impose my morality on someone else?

Um ... isn't "imposing your morality on someone else" specifically what you and your wretched kind do as activists?

If you are against shooting abortionists, then don't shoot one, right? Hmm, suddenly pro-choice rhetoric doesn't sound so warm and fuzzy and virtuous, does it?

Still equating giving the choice to women to decide whether to abort or not, to the "choice" to murder an good-hearted human being or not.

And, ending in true Gingi style and form ...

Tiller was killed by a pro-choice act. Pro-lifers need make no apologies.

... So, somehow in the convoluted mess that is her brains, she's decided that we pro-choicers have murdered Dr. Tiller, and that pro-lifers should just shy away any feelings of guilt or sadness over it and move on.

Gingi Edmonds: further illustrating how you can be human, yet inhumane.

I need a break.


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