Friday, June 05, 2009

I'm not sure Roy Moore has read the same First Amendment I did

The former Alabama Supreme Court justice and royal evangelistic nut who is now running in the Alabama gubernatorial race, doesn't really seem to understand what the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution means by Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and so forth. Below is a video he uploaded to YouTube, obviously in hopes of garnering sympathy and attention, which will likely have the opposite effect in revealing just how ignorant he is about the very Constitution he's supposed to be serving under.

The first person who can accurately and logically describe how the First Amendment can possibly be interpreted into meaning "you must acknowledge God" gets a cookie. (And it's a good one, too, so make an effort.)

Unfortunately, while the vid does reveal himself to be an ignorant religious nut, that may actually prove beneficial to his campaign, considering the south holds little more or else than, well, ignorant religious nuts.


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