Saturday, June 06, 2009

New Song: 'Leave It Behind (Move On)'

Leave It Behind (Move On)
By Joé McKen

Don't forget to view in High Quality!

This is the first rock song I've uploaded to YT (though not the first I've ever written). It's an easy-going "soft rock-slash-ballad"-type song, though I've yet to come up with decent lyrics for it. I only just found out how to record my songs with Guitar Pro 5 on Windows Vista ('cause it doesn't work the same way as with Windows XP, which I used to have), so I couldn't record my rock songs, which was a drag. =(

The music is mine.
The image is not mine and I claim no ownership over it. It's just a "sunny day"-themed pic I found somewhere using Google.

Music composed & recorded using Guitar Pro 5.2.

Rate, comment and enjoy. =)


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