Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pirates are taking over Sweden!

Well, political pirates, that is. And in name only. New exit polls show that the Pirate Party of Sweden, which focuses on loosening restrictions from copyrights and patents while increasing privacy both on the Internet and in everyday life, is encountering a sharp rise in popularity, and other sources show it's also undergone a radical raise in membership.

The public broadcaster SVT survey says the Pirate Party, which advocates shortening the duration of copyright protection and allowing noncommercial file-sharing, has won 7.4 percent of the Swedish vote.

The survey shows the main opposition Social Democrats getting 25 percent, up slightly from the previous European Union parliament elections in 2004.

In second place was the conservative Moderate Party, Sweden's leading party in the center-right coalition government, also up slightly with 18.5 percent support.

That's some neat news, Sweden. Wish Canada, or even America, had a so-called "Pirate Party" ... though they may want to reconsider their naming choice. Perhaps "Freesharing Party"? ... Yeah, that sucks, I know. Boo.

(By the way, for those who were wondering, the Pirate Party has no connection to The Pirate Bay filesharing site or network. They just have similar goals and beliefs.)


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