Sunday, June 07, 2009

WorldNutDaily headlines: something to joke about

You really gotta wonder how, with that formatting, big red text and sensationalist-style wording, anyone can take WND as anything more than an uber-right-wing insanity compilation of silly stories, unfounded claims and random morons spewing random moronic things and conspiracy theories. For example, here's the latest WND headline:

Americans voted with their wallets? Let's see: for a grand total of 45 thousand bucks, spread out over the 380,000 signatures on that silly petition demanding to see Obama's birth certificate, that equates to an average of ... about 13 cents each.

I don't think anyone's going broke over this. More like, a few conspiracy nuts spent ridiculous sums of money to expose this document, which of course will only prove what Obama, the government of Hawaii and any sane person would say: it's legit. He's American, and he's the president. Stop sucking your balls and get over it already.


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