Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Song: 'Second Rhapsody'

Second Rhapsody
By Joé McKen

Part I

Part II

'Second Rhapsody'
Composed by Joé McKen

Don't forget to view in High Quality!

The name says it all: this is my second-ever rhapsody, and the last for a while, actually. I personally consider it to be a fair bit better than my first ('Adrian Rhapsody'), especially the piano piece and the climatic crescendo. Hey, I'm just a sucker for my own work – when it's good. :P

(For those who don't know: a rhapsody is a song or musical piece that doesn't follow any real structure (versets, refrain, bridge, etc.); you quite simply write as the inspiration comes.)

Music composed & recorded using Sibelius 5.2.

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