Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stupid Quote of the Day: Tim Goeglein on Bush's "greatness"

Goeglein, a new lobbyist for the nutty Focus on the Family group, had this to say about the legend that is ex-President George W. Bush in a recent FotF broadcast:

And, yes, maybe he will not be remembered, you know, of Churchillian, you know, eloquence. Maybe he will not be remembered for X, Y and Z. But when it comes to the questions of national security and war, when it comes to the questions of the right to life and when it comes to the questions of our constitutional Republic, national sovereignty and constitutional formulation of the Supreme Court — above all when it comes to the innocent pre-born people will say he got those big ones right.

He indeed has all the eloquence of a tree stump and the intelligence and grace of a dung beetle. But how would his track record fare any better? On national security, his tactic seemed to be, "Piss 'em all off so they'll just want to attack us even more!"; in war, he launched failed after failed offensive overseas under patently and obviously false pretenses (oil, anyone?) and succeeded only in turning the entire fucking world against him and the U.S. in general; on the topic of "right to life", he would prefer women go through hell and back undergoing dangerous or potentially lethal pregnancies rather than allow them to abort, and valiantly crushed good science in the form of stem-cell research which has been proven time and time again to save lives; and no-one else can claim to have corrupted the system and government as extensively as he and his administration did with the PATRIOT Act and all that similar bullshit. Yes, truly, there is so much to be praised about Bush.



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