Sunday, June 14, 2009

What the hell is going on with youths these days?

What could possibly be leading young adults to such disgusting acts of utter barbarity and cruelty towards innocent and helpless animals? First we had Cheyenne Cherry and her abhorrent act of delinquent depravity (which I won't detail here – its' really just too gruesome), and now, reports are coming in about a young man from Miami who's been arrested and accused of the grotesque mutilations and murders of over twenty cats, with many more such cases possibly linked to him as well.

For the past month, shocked pet owners in the Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay neighborhoods have reported finding more than two dozen cats killed and mutilated. Some of the dead cats were missing fur and appeared to have been cut with a sharp, straight instrument, police said.

Tyler Weinman, 18, was taken into custody early Sunday at a party, police said. Weinman was charged with 19 counts of animal cruelty, 19 counts of improperly disposing of an animal body and four counts of burglary.

Police put the home of one of Weinman's parents under surveillance several weeks ago after receiving tips from community members, said Miami-Dade Police Department Maj. Julie Miller.

"This terrible time has drawn us together as a community, further emphasizing the importance of knowing our neighbors, communicating with each other, and always staying vigilant to suspicious activities whenever or wherever they may occur in our village," said Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn.

Weinman was being questioned by police Sunday. It was not clear if he had an attorney. Messages left at phone numbers for his parents were not immediately returned.

In all, the deaths of more than 30 cats were under investigation, but Miller said some of those cats were likely killed by dogs. She said additional arrests might be forthcoming, but she declined to name other suspects.

I do hope this deranged fuckwit gets himself a good, hard psychological analysis performed on him – he seriously needs it, if his idea of fun is apparently prowling the streets and carving up any innocent housecats he finds. Christ.


  • Melissa

    Irresponsible, mindless, thinking they are entitled to everything IDIOTS, are responsible for their cats' deaths.

  • Melissa

    Obviously, Im refering to idiots who obviously put their pets in danger when they let them roam of their property. There are crazy people, but there are also cars, natural PREDATORS (in which these idiots then complain the coyotes should be shot when they kill their precious cats), anti-freeze...the list goes on. No one should have the RIGHT to let their pets roam of their property. Your PETS... on your PROPERTY. If I can't park a car on someone's lawn, why can they let their cats on my lawn? Killing the birds on my feeders, digging up flowers? or WHATEVER?
    Frankly, the existence of cat killers helps my cause tremedously. If you read the article there was a sign on a tree "keep your cats indoors!" I can't possibly get mad with that result.

  • uzza

    YES, Melissa! My neighbor's children trespass in my yard, and obviously I am morally justified to skin them alive and leave them to die in agony; their irresponsible parents will be responsible for what I do, and they can't possibly get mad. 

  • Melissa

    Try this: If a parent drops their kids of to play unsupervised and alone in a dangerous neighborhood, said parents should be accused of NEGLIGENCE and CHILD ENDANGERMENT. Young children should always be supervised. Any idiot who does not care for them properly would deserve BLAME for not making the right desicions, whether they get hit by a car, kidnapped, eat anti-freeze or -get mutilated-. No one's morally justified to skin the cats, but these idiots shouldn't be morally justified to TOSS THEM OUTSIDE. They should *care for their pets*. Keep them out of danger. This stupid practice needs to end. And if people start actually caring for pets, the way they should be cared for as a result of this, I am HAPPY.

  • BuffaloWilder

     I will say this:
    You - and I, by extension - are far, far too young to be calling teenagers 'youths.'
     Also, I find myself agreeing with Uzza, whoever she might be.

  • Joé McKen

    Heh. I don't mean youthful "compared to me", but just as a general age class. Youths, teens, near-adults (or young-adults in some cases), etc. Whatever term suits ya.
    And yes, Uzza does have a point. I've checked out his/her blog; it's her commentary on the Koran from her atheistic viewpoint, and it's quite interesting, actually.

  • Melissa

    You agree with throwing pets outside to fend for themselves and then whining when something happens to them? Whatever.

  • BuffaloWilder

    "Frankly, the existence of cat killers helps my cause tremedously."
     Whatever your original intentions might have been with this, that's - well, that's pretty damned well weird.

  • uzza

    Maybe what's wrong with youths is tha they think like Melissa--the person who killed the cats is not responsible for killing the cats, somebody else is.

  • uzza

    <p style="margin-bottom: 0in;">You do have a point, Melissa, to be fair; its just that any twinkle of light it might shed on the issue is completely obliterated by your glaring supernova of indifference towards the suffering of these innocent victims.

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