Saturday, June 13, 2009

WorldNutDaily goes viral

According to Ed Brayton, the insane collection of right-wing extremism and delusional paranoia that poses as an information/news website is fit to hit the multimedia market with its own TV and radio broadcasts. Great! ... for anyone who isn't coupled with sense and a minimum of dread for more idiocy to fill the airwaves mingled with the crap already on like O'Reilly and Beck and Hannity and Liddy and Limbaugh and aye aye aye ...

WND and Radio America launch a new video-audio joint venture today to bring the public new choices in news, commentary, satire and soon live audio and video streaming of some of the top talk programs in the country.

It's a collaborative project of WND, the leading independent news provider on the Internet, and Radio America, the talk and news syndicator that carries G. Gordon Liddy, Roger Hedgecock and many other top-rated shows. Both the Liddy show and Hedgecock's program are now live-streamed on the new player.

"The leading independent news provider on the Internet"? Teh deluzion runs deep. I also like how they bring up their supposedly "satiric" content portion. I've yet to find it ... unless of course the entirety of the website is nothing but satire. Oh, how I wish.

Then, just take a look at the sort of quality programming they've got in store for us:

Starting today, the programming available on the WND/Radio America media player includes Greg Corombos' daily news-breaking interviews and weekly video commentaries by Molotov Mitchell, Jackie Mason and Jim Sumpter.

I'll admit to not knowing a single one of them (drawback of not being American I suppose), but considering they'll appear on shows from WorldNetDaily ... that may tell more about them and what they'll offer, than reading their Wikipedia pages will.


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