Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

Okay, sorry for ripping off Balko's post title, but really, is there a single wordplay in existence that fits better to this amusing little story?

MADISON, Wis. — An Illinois teen knew he was too drunk to drive home after a Dave Matthews Band concert south of Milwaukee. So he fell asleep in his car, only to be awoken by a state trooper.

Travis Peterson, 19, of Dixon, Ill., said even though he told the officer he was drunk and sleeping it off, the trooper ordered him to leave because the lot was being cleared.

Once out of the parking lot, Peterson was arrested for drunken driving. He was subsequently found guilty and ordered to spend 60 days in jail.

I wonder what Peterson would've told the cop who pulled him over for driving drunk ... "I TOLD that other cop I was too drunk, but he MADE me drive!". An odd thing to hear if you're a cop, I'm sure.

Ah well, at least the story ended on a pleasant note: he won his appeal and was cleared of all charges. Not like he was guilty of anything, other than following a dumbass cop's orders. More evidence that sometimes, you really should just disobey.

(via The Agitator)


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