Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Almost-daily Comfort dose o' stupid

I find myself chronicling the stupidity that appears on Ray Comfort's blog so often these days I might as well make it a daily feature by now. I probably get more dumbass quotes from him than from Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann combined (and that is saying something huge). Today, Comfort reprimands a commenter for not reading (or interpreting) the Bible correctly – and in doing so, merely exposes his lack of comprehension of basic English. (And his own faulty interpretation of the Bible.)

"Sorry Ray, I do not take my morals from a God who drowns opposing armies in the ocean, killed every living thing on Earth in a global flood, punished humanity for all time for eating a piece of fruit, rained fire and brimstone on entire cities because he didn't like their behavior, killed the first born of an entire nation, and murdered his own son. Thank God he does not exist." askegg

It seems that you don’t know your Bible. God didn’t "kill every living thing on earth in a global flood." He allowed all the fish, and a family of eight people to be saved.[1] He didn’t punish humanity "for all time for eating a piece of fruit." Adam was punished for his "disobedience" (see Romans 5:19).[2] If you refuse God’s mercy, you too will be punished for your disobedience, not for Adam’s.

You are also wrong when you said that "God murdered His own Son."[3]

How is it a guy who's never even read the damn thing cover-to-cover (or even a tenth of it) seems to know it better than a freakin' evangelist?

  1. Right, he killed every single lifeform EXCEPT for the fish, and a family of eight. (Along with a single male and female of every species.) That's so much better, isn't it. It means he just killed about 99.995% of life on Earth, rather than a round 100%. Bless him.
  2. Um – perhaps I'm remembering it incorrectly, but isn't it so that, once Adam had taken that damned (literally) bite from that apple, the rest of humanity had also been cast out of the Garden of Eden to live in this fucked-up world? That sounds fairly much like punishing the whole of mankind to me.
  3. Yeah, the God who knows everything (including, I presume, the future) sent his beloved son down on Earth, knowing what we evil humans were gonna do to him (you know, the whole torture and crucifixion thing). Which, as far as logic allows us to tell, pretty much means he "sent his son to die", or as a rephrasing might result in, "he murdered his son".

Sigh. And that's just what I can do – imagine an actual Biblical scholar or something can do. (One who isn't brainwashed in apologetics, that is.)


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