Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Book deals are a dime a dozen these days, it seems

How else wold you explain the number of books being published by second-rate pseudo-celebrities? First we had Joe the Plumber and his silly drivel (the title of which still gets a smile out of me every single time), and now gormless wonder Carrie Prejean – the one who lost her no-doubt illustrious position as Queen Bimbo um, Miss California, for speaking out against gay marriage like a true Conservative hero – is gonna be published as well.

(AP) The former Miss California who was stripped of her title last month has a book deal.

Carrie Prejean will publish a memoir called "Still Standing." Conservative book house Regnery (REG'-nur-ee) Publishing said Monday that it will release the book.

Can anyone tell me what the hell an airheaded pretty-girl could possibly have to write a memoir about? Memoirs are for old successful types who've had lots of stuff to talk about, not beauty queens who stood on a stage and said something stupid.


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