Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stupid Quote of the Day: John Fund on Palin's media (supposed-lack-of-)whoring

John Fund from the Wall Street Journal has published a piece about Sarah Palin, and while much of it is lethally boring, this little bit jumped out as singularly stupid:

Governor Palin tried hunkering down. She ignored offers of help from outside and kept media outlets at a distance. "Palin had become so suspicious of the media that she rejected hundreds of requests by even friendly reporters to interview her. Her press aides say that before considering interviews, she insists that they comb through reporters' work, even if they write for a friendly, conservative publication," writes Ron Kessler of

The world where Press-/attention-/camera-whore Palin "kept media outlets at a distance" is not this same world we live in. It is a fictional place, somewhere in the depths of the loonisphere. Hell, just remember that utterly ridiculous pseudo-scandal about David Lettermans's so-called "inappropriate jokes" and tell me about how she doesn't just love plastering her mug on TV screens everywhere. How ridiculous.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)


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