Friday, July 03, 2009

Why wingnuts, fundies and idiots love Sarah Palin

One of Andrew Sullivan's readers has hit the nail right on the frickin' head when he explains why deep-end conservatives like Sarah Palin so much (though it can also apply to why they like Michele Bachmann, and pretty much all other loony idiots):

Part of Sarah Palin's irresistible appeal to her fundamentalist base is her ability to look at the camera with utter conviction and declare black to be white.

The ability to lie well is a valuable part of the fundamentalist psychology. My son isn't gay, he just hasn't found the right woman! Those rocks aren't 50 million years old, they just look like it as a test of our faith! My sexless marriage isn't foundering, it is filled with God's spirit! The minister isn't molesting little Maria, they're just very close! It isn't torture, it is being tough on terrorists!

Fundamentalists can recognize a truly audacious and talented liar from miles away. Instead of running the other way, as you might expect, they gather around the powerful liar, for they know that their own lies will be respected and protected by a leader who understands the paramount importance of preserving their whole system of denial.

No-one could've put it better than that. They flock around her, and idiots like her, because she's able to look into a camera at them through their TV sets and tell them exactly what they want to hear, to repeat those same, thoroughly-discredited lies that have made the right-wingers so iconic for their stupidity, hypocrisy and general bullshit. The fellow wingnuts gather around, because they know Palin has their same convictions, yet they're all united by that same disability: a lack of critical thought, or frankly, a lack of thought, period. They cannot think and realize ... "Hey, now that's just stupid".

It's sad, really.


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