Friday, July 03, 2009

Is she lying, or just really, really stupid?

Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if Michele Bachmann, the scourge of thinking people people everywhere, has ever learned to read properly. How else could she keep spewing false claim after stupid false claim? Example, on the Hannity show, she claimed that the US Census form never asks whether the one filling it out is an American citizen:

BACHMANN: Twenty-eight pages. Sean, you know the one question they don't ask? They don't ask, "are you an American citizen?" They don't ask if you're here on a visa or when it expires. We have no real idea how many illegal aliens are in our country. But wouldn't you think, here they are asking every personal question about our lives, they could at least ask if we're an American citizen? They don't bother to ask for that. That's why I think people need to read this census for themselves. If you go to my website, michelebachmann, you can read it.

Actually, the question is literally right there, on the very first page of the form, practically staring right back at you.

And of course, this blatantly stupid claim received praise from Hannity:

HANNITY: And Congresswoman, credit to you. I mean, you're out there and you've become a target by the Democrats because of your outspokenness and your willingness to take on the administration.

Stupidity runs thick in the wingnut circle. She's not the target of Democrats per se; she's the target of anyone with a quarter of a brainstem – not even a necessarily functional one – because of the incredible number of absolutely false and stupid claims she keeps making over, and over, and over again. Hell, even three of her own Republicans are recognizing how utterly brainless the woman is.

She and Ray Comfort should elope together. (Though only after making absolutely certain they cannot have kids together. That would be a plague we don't wanna deal with.)


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