Friday, March 27, 2009

Small smack to creationists: stupid 'Strengths and Weaknesses' rule is defeated in Texas

Recently the Texas State Board of Education held meetings and debates to determine the next decade of schooling curriculum – not to mention how Evolution was to be taught in Science classrooms. One of the creationist advances against Evolution was the attempted implementation of the stupid 'Strengths and Weaknesses rule', which would oblige teachers to give a 'fallacy' in the Theory of Evolution for every strength it had in explaining biological development over space and time.

Thankfully, the measure has been defeated – though by an exceedingly narrow margin: 7:7. Imagine – one more ignoramus on the Board and schoolchildren would've been spoon-fed lies and disinformation for a whole fucking decade. True Texas.

AUSTIN – In a decision watched by science educators across the nation, the State Board of Education on Thursday narrowly turned aside a last-ditch effort by social conservatives to require that "weaknesses" in the theory of evolution be taught in science classes in Texas.

Board members deadlocked 7-7 on a motion to restore a longtime curriculum rule that "strengths and weaknesses" of all scientific theories – notably Charles Darwin's theory of evolution – be covered in science classes and textbooks for those subjects.

At least the battle's over – for now. The war sure as Hell ain't, though. Not as long as Religion is the dominating voice over reason and intelligence in Idiot America.


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