Monday, April 06, 2009

The irony of "pro-life" examplified

Here is a perfect example that exposes so well the very obvious and unbearable hypocrisy demonstrated by so many of the so-called "pro-lifers", the self-serving anti-abortionists who would rather women go through pregnancies followed by having their child(ren) taken away from them rather than simply abort their mistakes and spare months and months of unnecessary torment and guilt. It's a funny thing that so many 'pro-lifers' display such tendencies to want death or wanton torment towards pro-choicers and doctors who perform abortions. Truly makes one wonder who the amoral party is, no?

In this case, it's the story of a militant anti-abortionist who tried to 'save children's lives' by gunning down a doctor who performed abortions at his own home in 1998, sniper-style.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Monday that all of the issues raised by James Kopp on appeal were without merit.

Kopp was sentenced in June 2007 for the sniper-style slaying of Dr. Barnett Slepian in the kitchen of his suburban Buffalo home in 1998.

Kopp's lawyers claimed a trial judge erred by barring him from asserting that he was saving children's lives by preventing abortions. The appeals court disagreed.

Mrs. Lovejoy: 'Won't somebody please think of the children?'

Just another pathetic attempt at rationalizing the murder of an innocent human being. No more than we've come to expect from pro-lifers, of course.

Of course some could say this is just an isolated incident – that's bullshit. Hell, just a week or two ago I covered a story about pro-lifers intent on destroying the career of an honest doctor who performed late-term abortions; a little while ago we were treated to an absolutely horrendous bit of amoral tripe from a certain Gingi Edmonds who blamed the recent Montana cemetery plane crash on the father of some of the victims, who owns and operates a chain of abortion-performing clinics; even longer ago we had the story of a doctor whose clinic had been bombed by anti-abortionists; the same doctor was later shot in both arms by another extremist. Even then, those are just a few of the stories I've covered on this here site; another proud example would be a very reputable and highly-respected Canadian pro-choice doctor who was being cheated out of an extremely honorable award by meddling anti-abortionist fucktards. (Sorry for the vagueness, it's been several months and I don't know any source articles, having read it in the local papers.) And of course, all that's just in the last few months, and just the news I myself have happened to hear of.

This sort of disgusting behavior, bordering on terrorism, is more than enough to cast the shadow of doubt and suspicion on the entire pro-life party and obliterate any reasonable doubt as to these perpetrators being mere 'extremists'. These extremists are just those individuals who go the extra step to carry out what so many pro-lifers would want to do anyway, considering they run by that most primitive and disgusting of laws ... 'eye for an eye'. Which, as good ol' Prot once quoted so magnificently, 'is renown across the Universe for its ... stupidity'. (Paraphrasing.)


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